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In the SUPER competitive AIRLINE industry where every carrier has to carefully manage its operational costs and has to work hard to gain LOYAL CUSTOMERS, it is very often the small touches that make a traveller SELECT an airline above other competitors. In a time when a simple social media post can have a MASSIVE IMPACT, every airline operator has to be vigilant to ensure CUSTOMER SATISFACTION whilst managing the bottom line. Is it time to add just that little extra touch to your CUSTOMER SERVICE and their EXPERIENCE? If so, have you thought of the many ways chocolate can HELP YOU ACHIEVE this?

IMAGINE having YOUR BRAND printed on YOUR CHOCOLATE accompanying their meal? Guests LOVE THIS and we know because we DID THIS for an International airline for many years, with great SUCCESS for the airline. Maybe it’s time for you to leverage off this very EFFECTIVE method.

IMPRESS your business and first class travellers with a simple value add? ADD a delicious CHOCOLATE to their meals or offer a gourmet chocolate with their coffee. These QUALITY CUSTOMERS know QUALITY PRODUCTS and POPPY’S CHOCOLATE is exactly that!

Want to increase the HAPPINESS of EVERYONE else on the flight? Have POPPY’S CHOCOLATE on the inflight menu and offer something UNIQUE. Passengers often buy them just to take home to their loved ones as a TREAT and we can design something EXCLUSIVE just for YOUR AIRLINE. Don’t be left behind in the race for the traveller’s LOYALTY. Contact us now and see what AMAZING chocolates can do for YOU!

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