I recently learned that Cocoa Farmers in West Africa only earn an average of $2AUD per day. $2 is their return for their contribution to (arguably) the most popular food product on the planet – chocolate.

$2 is what they have to feed, clothe, house and school their entire family.

I discovered that many children miss school on occasion because they have to work on their family cocoa farm or their parents can’t afford to send them. Poppy’s decided providing the children a small stationery pack would be a good start in our endeavour to directly help them. Our initial focus would be on the Village of Entumi in Ghana, a village which is solely focused on cocoa farming. There are approximately 2000 children and 3 schools.

In only a few weeks, the idea became a reality and we launched the “Cocoa Kids” campaign in December 2015.

We created a unique smiley chocolate to sell for $5. Each chocolate purchase includes a gift to a Cocoa Farm child and a small card explaining this so that these chocolates would also be good a small add-on gifts or Secret Santas.

In Ghana, an exercise book costs about $4 and only $1 here. $4 for them is the equivalent, based on average earnings, to paying $300 for 1 exercise book. What is small change to us will be like Gold to them.

Poppy’s Chocolate has a Cocoa Farm gift tree in store where the Gift cards from our customers are hung. These cards will accompany the Packs in early 2016 when they are gifted to the children.

If you are a lover of chocolate, help look after the cocoa farmers as the next generation is not currently very interested in growing cocoa. They have seen how hard their family works for very little gain. Cocoa Farming used to be a good living but the large companies have driven down cocoa prices.

We need to make their lives a bit better if we want to keep enjoying our delicious treats. You can buy our Smiley chocolates in-store or online. Some customers have just wanted to donate $5 and you are welcome to do that also.

I’m looking forward to sharing the videos and photos of the kids receiving their gifts from our customers closing the gap between the source of chocolate and the end consumers. Will you help us get to our 2000 initial target?