Frequently Asked Questions


If any positions are vacant or there are new positions, it will be posted to Poppy’s Chocolate Facebook page. However, if you do have specialised Pastry chef or chocolate skills, please send us an email or call us.


Poppy’s Chocolate are grateful for organisations wanting to have Poppy’s represented in their raffles, giveaways or fundraisers. Poppy’s actually gets asked on a daily basis for donations and because of the frequency of requests, had to implement a policy of saying no to all requests for donations. It does not mean that your cause is not worthy of a donation, just that Poppy’s can’t donate to them all as it is a small business. Poppy’s Chocolate helps specific predetermined charities and organisations within the local community and also on a broader Worldwide scale and will continue to support those privately.

However, Poppy’s will offer your charity or school the ability to buy a Hamper at the wholesale price (must be a registered charity or school). Please ask for information on the Fundraising Hampers either by email or phone.


Poppy is as passionate about taking care of the environment as she is about chocolate. So much so that she actually studied a Masters of Environmental Management in 1995. Poppy’s uses environmentally friendly cleaners and recycles all cardboard. Lights are off at night, water use is minimised.


Chocolate is best stored in a dry, dark place at a temperature of 15°C to 24°C. It is best never to store chocolates in the fridge. Also avoid temperature shocks of more than 10°C: Never store chocolate alongside strong-smelling foodstuffs. Chocolate absorbs odours very easily and this could affect the sublime taste of your favourite treat. The best temperature to consume chocolate is at 18°C to 21°C. At this temperature, chocolate remains snappy, yet is ready to fully release all of its flavours and aromas in your mouth. So always give chocolate the time to acclimatise from its storing temperature to room temperature.