What puts a smile on a retailer’s dial?

PRODUCT THAT SELLS, a lot, and is profitable!

Of course, seems obvious and simple. But we at Poppy’s Chocolate know this is not as EASY as it sounds and is a never ending quest, for most businesses. Most probably for yours as well.

Poppy’s knows what you want. How? Because we don’t just wholesale our products. We retail direct to the public from not just 1 but 2 bricks and mortar locations: Our factory shop in Beenleigh, and our café and chocolate retail outlet at Robina Town Centre on the Gold Coast. At these two locations, we test all products first, before releasing them to our valued wholesale customers, you. We only want you to buy products that we KNOW you will SELL.

Here is a Checklist used by us when we develop any new product, which you can use, too, when deciding on products to stock:

  • Will it SELL in VOLUME, not just small quantities?
  • If not in high volume, does it have HIGH MARKETING VALUE, or high profit margin?
  • What retail price can it sell for to ensure a GOOD MARGIN for YOU, the retailer and will end users pay this price?
  • Does it have a LONG SHELF LIFE? Nothing worse than having to mark stock down or throw it out because it is out of date.
  • Will the product LOOK GOOD, can be merchandised well and will it package well for display and shipping?
  • Will the product make such an impression that people LOVE to SHARE it on social media?

We also know that you want suppliers that are easy to deal with and provide good friendly support with helpful advice on merchandising and pricing. With first hand experience in retailing, we KNOW how to HELP YOU, if required. You know you are dealing with a quality supplier since we have HACCP Food Safety Certification, providing you PEACE of MIND.

Take the step, CALL US NOW and see how having Poppy’s Chocolate on your shelves WILL IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS and EXCITE your CUSTOMERS, MAKING THEM RETURN, time after time.

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