Does YOUR AIRLINE offer HIGH QUALITY chocolates? Relax weary travelers with the MAGIC of the cacao bean. We have been supplying chocolates to airlines since 1993.

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Are you making EXCEPTIONAL MEMORIES for your guests? A quality chocolate in a room, gifts for VIPs or one of our DELICIOUS CHOCOLATES with a coffee, creates an AMAZING IMPACT on CUSTOMERS.

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Want to be THE BEST in YOUR NICHE OR REGION? Wow your customers with the best chocolates in Australia and create LASTING RETURN BUSINESS with products CUSTOMERS RAVE about.

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We specialise in PROMOTIONAL and CUSTOM BRANDED CHOCOLATES. Chocolate for hospitality, hampers, corporate gifts, customised chocolates or staff rewards. Let us help YOU STAND OUT or say “THANK YOU”!

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1. Wow, wow, wow!

The COLOURS, QUALITY and RANGE are straight FROM HEAVEN. We make our chocolates with LOVE, PASSION and an intense attention to DETAIL.

2. Divine tasting

The chocolates have to taste as good as they look! They LOOK INCREDIBLE so they must taste… We are considered the NUMBER 1 chocolatier in Australia for GOURMET CHOCOLATES and the range of FLAVOURS pleases even the most discerning chocolate LOVER.

3. Service

Chocolate makes people happy which makes our staff happy which makes our CLIENTS (YOU) HAPPY as happiness is infectious! Efficient and QUICK SERVICE is at our core but never at the expense of QUALITY.

4. Trusted reputation

We know our stuff and we are THE EXPERTS in chocolate in Australia. We have been supplying 5 star hotels and caterers since 2005, are HACCP certified and are TRUSTED BY some of AUSTRALIA’S BIGGEST BRANDS.

5. Outsourced chocolate kitchen

Chefs know making chocolates takes a lot of SKILL and an environment which most kitchens don’t have, so they TRUST POPPY’S CHOCOLATE to make their chocolates for them. Let us make something SPECIAL and UNIQUE for YOU.

6. Something Different

Everyone is trying to STAND OUT from their competition these days and it takes a lot of CREATIVITY to do so. With the LARGEST RANGE of chocolate novelties in Australia and EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE in customised solutions, we make experiences MEMORABLE for our clients’ customers and guests.

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Want to know more about chocolate or just have some fun making chocolates without the mess at home? Come and join us! Kids, adults, schools, small and large team building groups or businesses all welcome.

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