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Elevate Your 

Corporate Gifting 

with Poppy's Chocolate Gifts 🍫

  • Custom created gifts for your staff or clients.

  • Exquisite Hampers, Elegant Gift Boxes, and Personalised Gift Cards.

  • Bulk Gift Cards -Can be delivered on a future date, like a birthday, anniversary, holiday or event


The Problem - "What Do My Employees Want?"

In the fast-paced corporate world, meaningful gestures can often get overlooked. But not with Poppy's. Give your employees and clients a gift that everybody loves: the universal joy of chocolate.

Bulk & E-Gift Card Options:

10 gifts or 1000+ gifts, we can handle it. Send gift cards to up to 1,000 different email recipients in a single order

Customisable Experience: 

Send digital gift cards, custom hampers or gift boxes. We can work with you to suit your budget.

Scheduled Delivery: 

Schedule the delivery of gift cards or packages for a specific date.


What Makes Employees Happy?

Nothing says I love you more than Chocolates Made of Love from Australia's favourite chocolatiers.  


Australia's Favourite Chocolatier

With over 7,200 positive reviews, Aussies Love Poppy's Chocolate!

Mum Owned Business

Lynda "Poppy" Pedder has been melting hearts since 2005, bringing thousands joy with Poppy's chocolates and treats!

Custom Delivery Dates

What makes someone smile more than getting a gift delivered on their work anniversary or birthday?

Empower your business relationships with a personal touch! 

With Poppy's Corporate gifts, you can elevate your gifting by sending customised digital gift cards or gifts directly to your clients or employees.

Holiday Gifts

Christmas, Easter, Mother' Day, Father's Day or Halloween, we can deliver gift cards for any occasion. 

Customisable Experience: 

We send Gift Boxes,  custom hampers and digital gift cards via email or text, with multiple options and the flexibility to add personalized messages and deliver on specific dates, like work anniversary or birthday. 

Flexible Value Options: 

Send pre-set or custom monetary values for gift cards.



With More Than 7,200 Positive Customer Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help finding an answer to your question? Ask our team at customersupport@poppyschocolate.com.au

Is it possible to send gifts  in bulk?

Absolutely, with the new bulk ordering feature, you can send e-gift cards to up to 1,000 different email recipients in one order. We can also send bulk gift boxes or hampers across Australia to individual addresses to bulk to business locations. (We started out working for airlines and hotels!)

Can I schedule when the gift cards are sent?

Are there options for gift card values?

How can I make my corporate gift cards more personal?